Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcomet to our New Blog!!

Hello friends!!
Thanks for checking this new blog devoted to Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art!. Here we will be publishing information and photos about Mexican them, there work, biography, books and museums with there work. Please feel free to get in touch with all your comments, suggestions or questions about the subject.
If you would like to buy art from these masters please get in touch with us at or check our online store

About Los Naguales Great Masters Of Mexican Folk Art

Founded in 2003 by Benito Del Aguila, Los Naguales: Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art was established as a pioneering Folk Art Gallery, aimed to promote Mexican traditions by bringing the best artisians from all over Mexico to our online Gallery and to our bricks & mortar Gallery in Rosarito Mexico, our catalog of artists include several ones that have won the National Award for Science & Arts in the folk art category, others have been published in several books of Folk art, won contests or have pieces of them on display at Museums all around the world.

Vision: To help artisians with there cultural labor by working with them in a fair trade relationship and by publishing there biographies, techniques and work on the World Wide Web.

Mission: To help promote the best Mexican folk art around the world by providing both collectors and artisians a safe and easy way to trade between both parties

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