Monday, June 1, 2009

Straw and Feathered Mosaics by Guillermo Olay

Mosaic made with FEATHERS! Made by Great Master of Mexican Folk Art: Guillermo Olay Barrientos. In Aztec period and colonial period mosaic feathers where a well refined art in Mexico, that got lost from the 17th Century till mid 20th Century. Guillermo's Dad Gabriel Olay (who passed 2 years ago) its responsable for the rescue of the techinques of this art. His work can be seen at several museums. The example of the photo its a piece
that can be found at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. For several decades (and generations) the art of the Olay family has been collected in the States but in the form of Straw Mosaics, examples of early Olay family straw mosaics can be found in the book Popular Arts of Mexico, 1850-1950
(actually that book has a complete chapter on straw mosaics and it includes a family tree of the Olays starting in the early 1800s).

Getting back to Guillermo Olay, a favorite subject of him its Diego Rivera, he makes reproductions of his work both on Feathers (above image) and Straw like this example that is a reproduction of one of Diegos Murals!!.
Another very impressive example of Guillermos Work its his collection of straw mosaics inside wood crosses, he has about 10 different ones, each one a master piece, here it is an example.
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