Monday, July 13, 2009

Emilio Molinero one of the oldest masters

Born in 1920 Emilio Molinero its famous for his ceramics with prehispanic designs inspired by the ones he found as a young boy while working in his family corn field.
In your next trip to Tzintzuntzan make sure to visit his home, this town its famous for the ceramics made there, besides Emilio Molinero other great artists living there are Consuelo rendon (naive cream and black ceramics) and Angelica Morales (see post about her).
His work its found in several museums and books including Great Masters of Mexican Folk Artand the catalog of Mexican Ceramics (antique and new ones) by the Mexican Society of Archeology.
At age 89 and because of his diabetes unfortunately he its now blind (he was all ready deaf). His pieces are well valued by collectors and museums.
Fortunately his daughter Mercedes and his grandson Miguel are keeping the family tradition, at young age Miguel as been winning folk art contests just as his Grandfather did some years ago. The photo of him with his wife was taken in 2005.
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