Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tiburcio Soteno a life of Trees of life

One hour away from Mexico City there it is the town of Metepec, now a world famous place for the ceramic Trees of life made there. But in the early days (1930s) this little town mas only famous for utilitarian ceramics like huge casseroles and Pulque Jars, that was till Modesta Fernandez started making naive trees of life, among her customers where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera (who by the way teached her how to use paints that will not fade with time).
Tiburcio Soteno, one of the yougest sons of Modesta grew up all his live seeing trees of life been made by his mother and brothers. Year by year the trees of life became biger and more sofisticated, but Tiburcio was the one resposable to take them to the tin line that there it is between folk art and art.
His work can be seen in several museums and collections in Canada, USA, Spain, UK, Germany and Italy. One of the bigest tree of life he has done its a 10 meters tall tree of life in La Mancha Spain, that tree its inside a castle and the subject of it is the "Men from la Mancha" book by Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quijote). He its the only Mexican mentioned in the book The Ceramic Narrative
by Matthias Ostermann. Other books are Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art, Crafts of Mexico (in this book there it is a chapter with an enterview of him), Artes de Mexico # 30. Metepec y su arte en barro (this its a biligual book) and Ceramic Trees of Life: Popular Art from Mexico.
Currently Master Tiburcio travels almost once a year to Museums in Canada and the UK to give workshops and lectures about his art. At this moment he its making for us some special order items to celebrate the bicentenial of the Mexican Independence (Trees of life, jars, mugs, figurines, etc) our idea its to publish a book of him entitled "The Mexican Independence and Revolution thrue the eyes of Tiburcio Soteno".
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